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Adult Groups

Staff team building courses, training and development in a particular activity, a group of friends on a weekend away or stag and hen parties - we deliver them all and to a very high standard. Live4Adventure's team of instructors are able to deliver challenging, exciting and enjoyable outdoor experiences - whatever your experience or age. We will work with you to design and deliver a bespoke activity programme to meet your objectives, from a 1/2 day fun session to a full week of team building. We can to travel to any venue that suits you and bring our equipment, expertise and enthusiasm with us and are confident that we can exceed your expectations.

Schools and Youth Groups

At Live4Adventure we pride ourselves in being able to help young people achieve. For some, simply being away from home is a stretch, whereas for others the challenge of a rock climb or mountain walk might be what they need. Our philosophy is one of 'Challenge by Choice'- meaning everyone gets a say in how much they participate. With the support and encouragement of their classmates, their teachers and our instructors we find that everyone achieves more than they thought possible. The reward for us is the smiles we see when a child exceedes their own expectations and the thought that they go home 'bigger' than when they came. 

Outdoor Learning

When a child walks to the top of a mountain the analogy is obvious - things worthwhile are worth working for. We believe the skills that children can discover and develop with Live4Adventure will stay with them for life. 

We recognise that everyone has talent, everyone excells at something, but that sometimes it might not have had a chance to show itself. For some children being out of the classroom is what really works and is where they get a chance to shine. 


Many children don't get the opportunities to 'play out'. TV, computers, tablets and phones play such a big part in their lives, they are driven to school, driven to the shops, driven everywhere and often perceive the 'outside world' as an alien or dangerous place. 


We work hard to turn this around by showing children that they can have just as much fun, and probably more, by climbing a mountain, jumping into a stream or paddling a boat on a lake. As well as improving their self-esteem, the relationships between children (and their teachers), after some fun, safe adventures are all the more stronger. Outdoor learning is a very powerful experience, one that we make fun and safe for everyone.

A new environment for many children
Life Skills


Personal development is what lies at the heart of Live4Adventure. Our approach is to help children learn that activities can be great fun, to show them what's available and to help them find something that they can enjoy doing with their family or friends back home.


Rock climbing centres, watersports providers and cycle tracks are on the increase, but we remind the children that walking in the countryside, going to the beach or playing in the park are great fun, need no specialist equipment and are free!


The future health of our children is something we can help with. Active people are healthy and healthy people learn better in school, giving them better opportunities now and in later life. Live4Adventure show young people that they can improve their own levels of fitness and well-being whilst taking part in things that are fun. 


An activity with Live4Adventure can be truely lifechanging. 

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